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Reiner Matthias Wagner -Mediator, Rechtsanwalt, Steuerberater

Reiner Matthias Wagner
German lawyer. accountant, mediator

and sculptor

Pappenheimstr. 11 / 80335 München / Tel.: 089 - 51657968 / Fax 089 - 54329538
mail: wagner-ra @ datevnet.de
(ohne Leerstellen vor und nach dem @, without blank before and after the @, sans vide avant et apres le @)


English spoken tax service


You just moved to Gemany and know nothing about German Taxes.
If you wish I can help you with this problem
If you are employee see the informations below.

I have a 5 year track record as director of a German "lohnsteuerhilfeverein", where I was manly occopied in doing tax returns for English speaking employees of Munich firms as Siemens, BMW, Infineon and others.

The declarations can also be made with scanned copies of the necessary documents sent by e-mail. Only the necessary signature has to be sent back to me by ordinary mail

List of documents that might be needed for a tax declaration:
  1. Tax slip/Lohnsteuerbescheinigung/from you and,- if you are married and your spouse lives in Germany too -, your spouse; both have to sign the tax declaration.
  2. In case you want to claim for "double household",
    • reciepts for the housing costs at the place of your work, and a proof that you still maintain a household of your own in your country.
    • proofs for frequent travel to your home abroad. Dependent of the distance the double household will only be accepted, if you travel home
      • -every second week for nearer distances (travel distance less than ca.1000 km equalling distances within Germany)
      • in minimum five times a year within Europe
      • for transcontinental distances once a year or even less may be sufficient.
    • Telephone cost for one call home a week for 15 minutes of time can be deducted for married people where the spouse lives abroad.
  3. Reciept about your professional outlays e.g:
    • travelling expenses to your work / distance between home and working place
    • business clothes,- only working clothes that can’t be used private -,
    • contribution to workers union
    • moving costs
    • costs for working material as handy / computer,- if not payd by the employer -.
  4. Reciept of further education expenses or cost for "Kindergarden / Hort" or other costs to keep your children while you are working
  5. Certificate about unemployment relief, unemployment assistance, sickness cash benefit.
  6. Special deductions: deferred insurance, training costs, tax service costs, tax deductible contributions or donations.
  7. Exceptionally charges: costs of divorce, dentist, doctor, funeral (in case of death in your family).
  8. Marriage or birth certificate,
  9. If you pay maintenance to relatives, receipts for the payments and a declaration about the income of the recipient by the fiscal authorities of his home country.
  10. Physical disability certificate (also of your children)
  11. Pension approval certificate of the last 2 years, if necessary also of your spouse.
  12. Shares and securities, certificate of your bank about income / intrest received under deduction of tax or abroad.
  13. If your spouse and children live within EU/EWR I will check wether it is worth while to use the form EU/EWR to get more taxes back.

When does it make sense to do the declaration?

  1. the distance between work and home is more than 10 km
  2. you pay maintenance for relatives abroad
  3. you didn't work for the whole year
  4. you want to apply for double household
  5. you have a "Riester" insurance contract and you want to apply for state benefit

Any questions, please dont hesitate to call me 089 / 51657968
for the price of the declaration, please see the list



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