Reiner Matthias Wagner -Mediator, Rechtsanwalt, Steuerberater

Reiner Matthias Wagner
tax expert, lawyer, accountant, and mediator

Pappenheimstr. 11 / 80335 Munich Germany / Tel.: 089 - 51657968 / Fax 089 - 54329538
E-Mail: wagner-ra @
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General idea / principle in all my work

For almost all goals you will need to negotiate, all wars, even the 30 year war in middle ages ended with a negotiation.
A good compromise as solution will last long.
If you want me to I would like to help you to find a good one.

What can I do for you?

  • german tax declarations
  • german tax declarations according to double taxation agreemants
  • accounting services also done on the basis of digital documents for more see Unternehmen Online with the help of datev services
  • structural analysis of enterprise crisis situations according the classification system of IDW S7, a classification of different crisis stages and situatiions developped by the German institute for "Wirtschaftsprüfung"
  • wages according to German law
  • small merger and aquisition projects
  • company contracts according to German law
  • divorce in Germany
  • mediation in working crews
  • consulting for change management of managing personel
  • med/arb an arbitration system that integrates the advantages of mediation in the decision process .

Some results of my work as a sculptor

I started sculpting as a child, and the working on the base of image oriented thinking has also provved useful in my work as lawyer and accountant. images of my sculptures in pdf or in HTML galerie.

My idea of good communication

The best definition of construktive comunication and the difference of negotiation and clash of powers/fight is of the Danish therapist Jesper Juul:

"I talk about myself,
you talk about yourself

this is a constructive negotiation.

I talk about you,
you talk about me,

this is a fight, it's about who is right and who is wrong"

What is the reason / the quality of this statement?
If I talk about myself, my feelings, my likings I talk about facts,- I know them because they're mine. So this is easy to accept for my partner, even if the facts themselves are hard to digest
If I talk about you, I talk about assumptions.
For example if I say: "Your remark .... hurt me," it is a fact, I've been hurt.
If I say:"You hurt me", the partner will understand, that I assume he wanted to hurt me, what isn't necessarily true. May be he wanted to express something totally diffent, and it went wrong. So he is for one instantly on the defence, because he didn't want to do what he means that I'm assuming he wanted to do, and by the way the fact that I've been hurt will vanish behind the quarrel about the assumption.

The price of my services

  1. for tax declarations for employees see cost of tax declaration for employees
  2. for wages it will be calculated according to the number of employees you have, from 1-5 it will be EUR 15,- per employee and month, from 5-50 it will be EUR 12,- per employee and month.
  3. for accounting services there will be a montly lump sum from 35,- EUR on besed on how mutch work is needed.
  4. balances and tax declarations for enterprises will be charged according to the German "Steuerberatervergütungsverordnung"
  5. contracts, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, consulting and other work will be charged per hour at a rate of 100,- up to 200,- EUR per hour according to the complexitiy and the economic value of my work.
  6. divorce cases with low income can be done by "Verfahrenskostenhilfe" if possible. In theese cases there will only be the cost for the notary document.

For the German version and further information in german lauguage see:
Steuer- und Anwaltskanzlei
Steuererklärungen für Arbeitnehmer und Rentner / "Lohnsteuerhilfe" I didn't succeed yet to translate all of my websites, and as I write them myself the desingn is not as good as it might be, because I'm rather good in my proffessions, but not too god in webdesign. Nevertheless I do it myself, to keep my cost as low as possible and to proceed with my prices likewise.

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